KtRssReader (2020 - present)

License Android Weekly Android Arsenal

KtRssReader is a Kotlin library for parsing RSS feed on Android.

  • Supports RSS 2.0 standard, iTunes, and Google Play tags
  • Easy-to-use API
  • Fetches feed for you
  • Database cache and custom cache valid time
  • Customizes output data with annotations

Palumu (2018 - present)

Jitpack Android Arsenal License

A floating view helper lib to let you create floating view above other views!

  • Floating view can follow specified view
  • Scalable view supported
  • Fullscreen supported

Demo GIF1

Demo GIF2

Vago (2018)

Vago Android Arsenal License

Get bored with writing tedious and dull model tests?

Vago helps you write tests based on POJOs, POJOs transformations, and parcelable tests.

  • Avoid writing model testing boilerplates
  • Writing tests of POJOs and Parcelables faster
  • Test object transformation with simple implementation and annotations