Avoid finalizer

  • Finalizers are unpredictabile, often dangerous, and unnecessary.

  • Never do anything time-critical in finalizers.

  • Servere performance penalty for using finalizer, for example, time to create and destroy simple object goes from 5.6ns to 2400ns.

  • Should not depend on finalizers to upgrade important persistence state.

  • Provide specific termination method instead of writing code in finalizers.

  • Finalizers should log if the resource has not been terminated.

  • Anything throws exceptions in finalizers will be ingnored.

  • It’s better to take Advantages of Android lifecycler instead of using finalizers.

  • Use finalizers as a safety net or to terminate noncritical native resources.

For instance…

try {
   // get data from cursor
} catch (Exception e) {
   // exception handling
} finally {

I didn’t have many chances to use finalizers, but as you can see, normally, we do not need it. The only one experience is that I write code about database transactions. Next time I see finalizers, I will have to check it very carefully.

This series of articles are notes when I am reading a book, called Effective Java (2nd version). If you are interested, you should definitely check it out.