When it comes to improving performance, code execution time becomes really important.
Is there any simple way to get code execution time on Android?
The answer is YES!
I didn’t know this before doing some research online…
All you have to do is just new “TimingLogger”!

TimingLogger mTimingLogger = new TimingLogger(YOUR_TAG, “theMethod”);
// Code Part1
// Code Part2

The execution time of code part 1 and part 2 will be printed on adb logcat.
However, before you print it, you have to set log level to VERBOSE.
So here is an example…
First of all, open your cmd command line, and cd to /platform-tool/ Then, type the following commands to set log level to VERBOSE.

adb shell setprop log.tag.plzTypeYourTagHere VERBOSE

After finishing all steps above, you can run your application. Your log printing will be like this one…

03-28 13:41:23.695: D/ivan(18099): theMethod: begin
03-28 13:41:23.695: D/ivan(18099): theMethod: 1 ms, codePart1
03-28 13:41:23.695: D/ivan(18099): theMethod: 3 ms, codePart2
03-28 13:41:23.695: D/ivan(18099): theMethod: end, 4 ms

Use this method can let us know code execution time and try to improve the performance.

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