I’m an Android developer who likes doing research on new things and sharing them. I also had developed backend servers before. I currently live and work in Taipei, but I hope that I can work abroad or cowork remotely with the developers from other countries in the future.

I mainly wrote this blog to record things that I found are interesting or useful, and I thought they might be useful for other developers as well. Another thing is that I want to write things in English. Although, my English is not perfect. If I wrote something that does not make sense, please let me know. I will modify it and try to make it better. You can find my contact information in the bio or say hi by dropping me a LinkedIn message.

Besides developing Apps, I like to listen to musics, and play guitar. To be honest, I’m not a good guitar player, but it makes me happy and calm when I’m playing it. Sometimes, I join developer communities to learn and share new techs. I gave some talks as well! ;) I believe that sharing what you know will make our developer community better!